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Cosmic Healer

Cosmic Healer

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We all need to feel capable of overcoming any obstacle.  We all need a little help finding compassion and maturity when faced with life’s challenges.  Call upon the Cosmic Healer to aid you on your journey!  A healing plant-powered vibrational remedy (or flower essence blend), Cosmic Healer is formulated to support you on your path to finding divine strength.

Comprised of the essences of four green allies, the Cosmic Healer plant elixir gently encourages us to value Self above all things.  She awakens our inner voice, evokes us to see ourselves as beautiful as the land, and opens us up to the healing powers of balance.

How do I take this plant elixir?  6 drops in water, three times daily is what I recommend, however feel free to use your intuition.  You may also apply on your skin, anoint sacred talismans, or add to your water bottle to receive a little bit of magic through out the day.

What are the ingredients? purified water, apple brandy that is naturally gluten free, wild-harvested essences of Dandelion/ Self-Heal/ Calendula/ Echinacea

This listing is for a one fluid ounce bottle, lovingly created just for you.

made in Pittsburgh, PA

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.  Please consult a health care provider before consuming

A word about flower essences- Flower essences are liquid extracts used to gently address profound issues of emotional well-being, soul development, and mind-body health.  They are made outside in the sunshine, with the living emanations from plants and trees, which are at the peak of their energetic power during flowering.  Taking flower essences allows us to meet the plants at a subtle level of their healing energy.  They gently encourage us to change and heal at a deep emotional level.