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Put Up Your Guard Gem Essence

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A potion for protection!

Gem essence of jet, black tourmaline and black kyanite amplified with quartz in an Apple brandy base.

You may use this in a ritual bath, to anoint your candles, in your tea or water, on your pillow, combined with moon water, to write powerful spells or directly under your tongue. 

Black lava salt for blessings. Sprinkle in a bath, on your food or pinches in the corners of your home.

My magic is only potent when you also apply your own energy and intention. We work together on this. And remember, the universe rewards your request for your highest and best good. Don’t forget to ACT AS IF! 

Put Up Your Guard Gem Essence Ingredients: 

— Spring water

— Brandy alcohol 

— Essence of black tourmaline

— Essence of jet

— Essence of black kyanite 

— Essence of quartz crystal

— 1 oz/59 ml bottle