Remembering Threshold Magic 10/20

Remembering Threshold Magic 10/20

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Sunday October 20th 1:00-3:00

Remembering Threshold Magic
Consider that you must BE some place in order to exist. Therefore, you are part of where you are and where you are is part of you. When you step through the door into your home, your lawyer's office, a restaurant, or even your car - everything changes. When you remember that the transition from one place to another changes YOU as well, you can take back your power as you choose to set the stage for what you want in all times and places. 

Beyond the honoring of entrances as recommended in feng shui, this mini-workshop will remind you how to deal with securing your:
> Architectural thresholds: doors, windows, porches, mirrors, etc.
> Time thresholds: dawn, twilight, seasons, sabbats
> Life cycle thresholds: birth, graduations, marriages, divorces, death, etc.
> Geographical thresholds: where ecosystems touch, sacred places
> Body thresholds: the mouth is the threshold between thought and words
> Mind thresholds: waking, imagining, dreaming, brainstorming, etc.
> Garden thresholds: gates, pergolas, fire features
> Crossroads
> Cemetery thresholds

Maintaining awareness of the power of place puts you in the command position, rather than the position to be commanded. If you have been waiting for the gates to the magical places to open and reveal all their mystery within -- this workshop is for YOU!