Hello, I'm Leslie McAllister, owner of Juju.  Juju is the West African word for luck, good energy, and a reference to a talisman or charm.  The shop is best described as a modern, metaphysical store.  I opened the shop in March 2016 with the intent to bring together a community that holds the same interest for crystals, smudging, pure - good energy, tarot & oracle decks, bohmeian vintage clothing, candles, amazing natural perfumes, ritual potions and altar tools.  I am a self taught tarot reader - it runs in my family.  My great-grandmother was an astrologer and reader. I found my first deck at 12 and her tarot journal at 15, thus, my journey began.  My background is in fashion and music but my heart is in spiritual therapy, laughter, love and big ass hugs.  

Come visit!