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Black Tourmaline Protection Spray

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Formulated with a blend of aromatherapy, crystal healing and flower essences. This spray is a powerful energetic essence that heals on all levels. 

Black Tourmaline Protection spray is made to create an aura of protection around you and your space. Do you ever feel drained after interactions with people? Don’t know how to say no and set boundaries with people? Or you just want to protect your space and your person when you go out into the world? This is just for you. This was formulated for my fellow empaths, and highly sensitive people. Made with black tourmaline, hematite and clear quartz, this spray is extremely grounding and protective



Mist yourself or your space when you need to feel protected energetically. If you are going somewhere you know there might be negative, unwanted energy mist yourself before. Can also be used like our discontinued White Sage Water to cleanse, and purify yourself and your space before ritual work.  

 By Aquarian Soul