Remembering Powers of the Athame 10/20

Remembering Powers of the Athame 10/20

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Sunday October 20th 3:30-5:30

Remembering The Powers of the Athamé

An athamé is traditionally a masculine tool used in collaboration with the cauldron or goblet, which is its feminine counterpart. This is a tool designed to direct your personal energy. They are generally double edged, and unsharpened, shorter rather than longer, with a black handle, but you can have any athamé you choose. It is, like crystals, more likely to choose you.

This tool is used to scribe, which is creating magic by making marks which have meaning. It can scribe runes or circles of protection. Lines created by human intention, especially through steel - which has been tempered in the heat of the crucible - direct the energy of Fire to align with specific words.

If you have one, bring your athamé to the workshop and learn to:
> Consecrate your knife to the Air/East
> Invoke St. Raphael the Archangel
> Evoke its focus into your mental clarity, inspire new ideas, and release trash thoughts
> Empower the masculine tool to pair with the feminine energy of the cauldron or goblet for manifestation
> Cast a protective circle; cut the circle in case of emergency, and unscribe the magic to close the spell

The Power of the Athamé workshop will explain working at the etheric levels and why you need to remember there is more than what you see.