Remembering Working with Familiars 10/19

Remembering Working with Familiars 10/19

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Saturday October 19 3:30-5:30

Remembering Working with Familiars 

Working with Familiars will teach you how to tap into the magic of your pet, your animal spirit, or any animal to add its energy to your own. This workshop gives you an overview of the different powers of each animal so you’ll know if it harmonizes with your intentions. Then, select your animal - living or not - and align with its power to achieve your goals.

Animal magic adds an energy which is closer to the elementals. Nature’s realm began with the Mineral Kingdom then expanded to the Vegetable Kingdom, and next, the Animal Kingdom. The Human Kingdom is the next level of Nature’s upward spiraling growth. Conscious Humanity is the newest Kingdom, and Nature is currently focused on bringing this to manifestation. When you open up your conscious awareness to include the energy of crystals, plants and animals in your spell work, you are weaving an incredibly powerful tapestry of intentions.

This workshop provides:
• Steps to align your consciousness with the animal’s
• Ways to work with your familiar in the physical, astral and physical planes
• Lists of animal protectors by astrological Sun signs
• Step-by-step procedures for aligning with a familiar in the wild
• Traditional familiars of the gods and goddess of Ancient Greece and Rome

If you have always wanted to connect with your cat, run with wolves, or ride a unicorn, this workshop is for YOU!