Ritual Work for the Modern Mystic 06/01

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Saturday June 1st 1:00-3:00 with Brandon Knight

In this class we will discuss the basics of energy movement, how it is formed into power in our beings, what blocks us from our magical birthright, and the belief structures that keep us from claiming our lives. We will then tie this into our spiritual cosmological history and get a firm understanding of a belief consensus for magick and ritual. After these necessary steps we will then discuss in detail the hidden allies in the spirit world we all have as our support structure, how to incorporate them into ritual, and then we will learn the way to utilize all these components in the highly effective Road Opening Ritual.

Please bring a pen and notebook

A Road Opening Ritual Kit will be provided.

Kit Includes:

Road Opener Ritual Oil

Two black candles

Two white candles

Small piece of paper

Ritual Instructions and sigil

Palo Santo stick