Wild Rosie Readings March 8th

Wild Rosie Readings March 8th

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OI’m Leslie, owner of Juju in Point Breeze and tarot reader. I have been learning and reading cards since I was twelve years old.

Tarot is an excellent, everyday tool that can be used in all areas of life, especially goal setting. 

Although myth may present tarot as a kind of fortune telling; modern perspectives suggest otherwise. My interpretation of tarot is akin to spiritual therapy. It is an unbiased way to find clarity and direction through self introspection.

I think of tarot as a language and I am a translator bringing you messages and solutions to problems. I do not see myself as a psychic or medium. I do listen to my body, mind and heart and therefore may be referred to as an intuitive. 

In this fifteen minute, one on one reading, we can look at your career, areas of expansion in business, road blocks and various solutions to any work related questions. 

I am a type A reader which means I like to get clear answers and a game plan in check so you can leave feeling clear headed; knowing your next steps.


Once purchased, I will reach out to you to schedule a time. I will be reading between 4:00 and 7:00.

You are welcome to email me with any questions. I can be reached at jujupgh@gmail.com

Below are available times. I will keep this list updated:


Thank you Wild Rosies! I look forward to sharing some time with you.